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Tea Univers's Brand Identity

Collaboration with Tea Univers, a teashop dedicated to importing the finest teas from around the world, exemplifies our commitment to creating distinctive and memorable brand identities. In this case, we were tasked with reimagining the Tea Univers brand to encapsulate the diversity and richness of their tea offerings. The outcome was a visually captivating logo and branding strategy that not only met but exceeded their expectations, setting them on a path to even greater success. Let’s explore the details of this project to understand how we achieved this remarkable transformation.

The Brief

Tea Univers, a renowned teashop specializing in imported teas, approached RDG with a clear vision—redefine their brand identity. They were in search of a new logo and branding that would authentically represent the global variety and excellence of their tea collection.

Our Approach

Our team at RDG recognized the significance of crafting a brand identity that truly mirrored Tea Univers’s dedication to the world of fine teas. We embarked on a creative journey to design a logo that would symbolize the diversity of their offerings.

For the logo, we meticulously designed “Tea Univers” in a unique and inviting lettering style. To create an iconic brand symbol, we conceived a minimalistic teacup with a delicate tea leaf and steam floating above it. This design brilliantly signifies the essence of the brand, combining a sense of elegance and warmness while tea drinking.

In addition to the logo, we incorporated a pattern derived from minimalistic tea leaves into the branding, providing a visual consistency that reflects the essence of Tea Univers’s tea collection.

The Results

Our collaboration with Tea Univers resulted in a brand identity that exudes a sense of global variety and elegance. The new logo, featuring “Tea Univers” in an inviting style alongside the minimalistic teacup and tea leaves, perfectly communicates the brand’s commitment to offering the finest teas from around the world.

The Tea Univers logo is not just an emblem but a symbol of the diverse and enriching world of teas they bring to their customers. With this revitalized branding, Tea Univers can confidently represent itself as a portal to the global tea landscape, inviting tea lovers to explore and savor the world’s finest blends.

This project exemplifies RDG’s capability to reinvigorate a brand’s identity, ensuring it resonates deeply with its audience. We take immense pride in not only meeting our clients’ expectations but exceeding them, leaving them with a brand identity that embraces the diversity and richness of their offerings.