Gastro Box

Enhancing Gastro Box Brand Identity

Our collaboration with Gastro Box, a renowned provider of office lunch deliveries, serves as a shining example of our commitment to crafting unique brand identities. In this case, we were entrusted with reimagining the Gastro Box brand to encapsulate their culinary expertise, especially in the realm of patisserie. The result was a visually stunning logo and branding strategy that not only met but exceeded their expectations, setting them on a path to even greater success. Let’s delve into the specifics of this project to understand how we achieved this remarkable transformation.

The Brief

Gastro Box, a company dedicated to delivering delicious lunches to offices and businesses, approached RDG with a clear aspiration—to revamp their brand identity. They sought a fresh, memorable logo and branding that would reflect the essence of their culinary delights, emphasizing their expertise in patisserie.

Our Approach

Our team at RDG embarked on this creative journey with a strategic mindset. We understood that Gastro Box’s branding needed to capture the essence of their culinary prowess, particularly in patisserie. The challenge was to convey their dedication to delicious, high-quality food in a visual manner.

To address this, we crafted a distinctive logo that incorporates the letters of Gastro Box, with a unique twist—a flame elegantly hovering above the letter ‘A.’ This flame symbolizes the passion and artistry that goes into every culinary creation, especially in the patisserie domain.

To complement the logo, we developed a color palette and typography that evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication, mirroring the delicious and inviting nature of their offerings.

The Results

The outcome of our collaboration with Gastro Box was nothing short of spectacular. The new logo and branding perfectly encapsulated the company’s commitment to exceptional food experiences, particularly in patisserie.

The Gastro Box logo, with its cleverly integrated flame, not only signifies their culinary expertise but also ignites a sense of desire in customers. It’s a visual representation of the passion that goes into each and every meal they prepare.

With this refreshed branding, Gastro Box can now confidently and stylishly present themselves to their clients, exuding a sense of culinary mastery and a dedication to excellence. The brand identity overhaul has rekindled the flame of interest in their services, making them even more irresistible to their target market.

This project was a testament to RDG’s ability to transform a brand’s identity, enhancing its appeal and aligning it with its core values. We take pride in not just meeting our clients’ expectations but exceeding them, leaving them with a brand identity that resonates deeply with their audience.


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